UV Light Sanitizer Bag

UV Light Sanitizer Bag

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【UVC Efficient Sterilization】

This ultraviolet sterilization bag consists of 12 real UV-C LED beads, close the wavelength of 254nm, which can efficiently clean up to 99.99% of harmful materials. EPA Est.No. 96924-CNH-1

【Safety Disinfection】

The specially designed foldable UV disinfection box does not contain mercury and chemicals, and is equipped with an advanced safety system to prevent ultraviolet shine. After opening the lid, the UV lamp will automatically turn off to automatically prevent light leakage.

【Work Automatically】

Plug in the USB cable behind the UV lightbox, the operation button shows green, press it to quickly disinfect, then the start button shows breathing. After 5 minutes, the UV light goes out, indicating that the disinfection is complete and the items can be taken out.

【Scope of Application】

It is suitable for surface disinfection of your items at home, work, travel, such as personal clothing, tableware, cosmetics, mobile phones, computers, baby clothes, toys, and other daily necessities and work supplies.

【Portable Design】

Foldable design, save space, travel easily, and easy to carry. Homework travel is convenient to use anytime, anywhere. Size: 9.6 * 7.8 * 6.3 inches.