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Why do you choose the LIEBIG V100S activity tracker?

  • Larger 1.14 "IPS color touch screen provides better HD screen experience.
  • IP68 waterproof allows you to wear for swimming or showering.
  • The latest Bluetooth 5.0 technologies provide a more stable connection and longer battery life.
  • Daily activity tracking for steps, calories burned, walking distance, etc.
  • Professional Fitness Tracking: 6 training modes for fitness and exercise tracking as well as HR function.
  • Smart Heart Monitors: Provides 3 different ways to monitor your heart rate and gives you the big picture of heart health
  • Skin & Body Temperature Monitor: Innovative wrist infrared sensing, all day automatic temperature monitoring to let you know how it varies.
smart  watch



  • Please enter your correct height, weight and skin color in the app when you set it up, so that the watch will adjust the indoor sensor to count your steps and calories accurately.
  • For GPS data, accuracy is the basis of your phone's GPS and is unrelated to the quality of the watch.
  • For outdoor exercise, you can adjust the screen brightness in the assistive app if the screen is not visible.