New Inspirational Orgonite Pyramid for Success

New Inspirational Orgonite Pyramid for Success

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Why Everyone Should Have Our Orgone Pyramid ?

Have you ever felt lost, or confused in life?

Having trouble with insomnia, infertility, or questioning your own disposition?

Moonstones are a mysterious-but-fashionable, often-misunderstood gemstone with a wealth of benefits to offer men and women of all ages.

An Ideal Stone For Chakra Healing

Rainbow Moonstone is a crystal that is considered to be ideal for meditation. The vibrational frequencies of this stone can facilitate a smooth transition into a deeper meditative state. By activating the Crown chakra, this crystal helps to bring loving and blissful energies from the beyond into your body to promote emotional well-being. This pyramid is ideal to boost your creativity and enhance your vision when it comes to fulfilling your goals.

Rainbow Moonstone:

Emotional Balance

Target your feminine side

Calm your masculine side

Helps to even out your sleep cycle

Good for nosebleeds and other aliments

Balance hormonal and menstrual cycles

Inner growth and strength

Stabilises the emotions

Providing calmness

Promote inspiration

Success and good fortune in love and business matters.

I'm so confident that once you receive your crystal that it will be your start to an amazing crystal collection! Once you see the quality and craftsmanship of our crystals.